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Change Leadership
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Recovery of Failing Programmes and Projects
Change Leadership is at the core of what we do. AJP Management Insights Ltd can help you lead your change programme through to completion by:
• Helping you craft your Change Vision
• Performing Stakeholder Analysis and ensuring full engagement
• Devise an effective Communication Plan to express your Vision and plan to all stakeholders
• Help to define your Benefits - and then realise them
• All whilst fully aware of, and giving due regard to, the Human Impacts of your Change

.....and so markedly increase the chance of success of your change programme

AJP MI are experts in recovering failing intiatives. We do this in a sensitive and non-judgemental manner, simply saving you money both in already committed resources, and successful outcomes. We have years of experience and are able to:

• Step back from the detail and understandable involvement, and see the big picture
• View the programme or project from a strategic perspective, and give unbiased advice
• Drill into issues and problems to gain a true insight into blockers and obstacles
• Reset and restart the work, eliminating the stumbling blocks
• Offer either advice and consultancy, or hands on management
• Give expert opinion backed by MSP and PRINCE2 qualified consultants with years of experience

.....to ensure committed funding is not wasted, and help the successful delivery of your programme or project


AJP Management Insights Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, Company Number 8489274.

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We believe Change Management is very different from Change Leadership. Management is the process of delivering change, implementing that which is driven by Leadership.
AJP Management Insights Ltd can deliver the process of change for you by:
• Delivering the mechanics of change in a structured, auditable way
• Ensuring change is delivered in a way that does not unduly impact current business if possible
• Ensuring change is delivered in palatable tranches to maintain the Change Vision and stakeholder support

.....in order to deliver the business benefits you have identified